Budget projects

"Where do my taxes go?" is a question many people ask. While searching for an answer, a discussion often arises. One party says, "We are paying too much.", the other argues that a lot is happening with the taxes collected.

We believe everybody should have easy access to information about the budget of his or her municipality. That's why we created our "budget projects" module.

Budget transparency

Budget projects provide insight into financial data: one can discover where taxes and income come from, how much an organisation is spending on a specific topic.

Together with our partners, Tree company and De Wakkere Burger, and with support of the Flemisch government, we applied our budget projects module to the public, financial data of all Flemish local governments. Have a look at "Je Gemeente Telt" (Your Municipality Counts)

Inform citizens further

Going a step further? Next to the financial details, you can provide context or publish projects, linked to a specific part of the budget.