You don't have to stand alone to stand out

Bpart is a strong platform to inform and involve stakeholders online. But sometimes Bpart is not the best tool for the job.

We know that: that is why integrations with other tools and platforms are possible. This way you set up Bpart as the central platform for your citizens or stakeholders, with integration of (for example)

  • volunteer matching
  • local trade
  • external studies or agencies
  • the website of your organization
  • ...

Integration with external platforms

Do you use different tools behind the scenes such as a survey tool, a volunteer platform, a platform for local trade or something else? Or is another government or organization organizing a consultation process that is also relevant for your website visitors?

With Bpart you can easily link all your platforms and initiatives, in order to create one engaging story and platform for your citizens or target group.

Integration via APIs

Bpart consists of an ecosystem of software modules. Thanks to APIs, we link the Bpart modules to other tools and platforms, when useful.

Integration and customization

Sometimes there are no standard platforms suited for a specific challenge or context. In this case, we co-create a tailor-made solution together or with partners. We use our standard modules where possible, and combine those with further innovations or adjustments.