Budget.brussels: a clear and accessible budget

From now on it is possible to easily browse the regional budget via the budget.brussels website! The income and expenses can be viewed in clear categories and are explained in plain language.

Interested Brussels residents can view in an interactive way the priorities and political decisions of the Brussels government, from mobility to health. It was also decided to involve the Community committees in the project. For many citizens it is not always clear which Brussels government is investing in housing, child benefits or culture. Therefore, the budgets of the Region, the GGC, the COCOF and the VGC merged into one umbrella budget.

In order to make the millions of euros more concrete, projects are linked to different categories. This way citizens can see how much is being spent on dredging works in the port or neighborhood sports infrastructure, for example. In addition, the website contains a quiz in which everyone can estimate the cost of marking a kilometer of bicycle path or placing a traffic sign.

The budgets for 2020 and 2021 are already available, making it possible to compare the resources of the two years per category. The new budget will be added every year.

Discover the website: https://budget.brussels/nl

Bpart partnered with Tree company and Spaced to realize this project