Participation in the local elections in Lenzburg

In the autumn of 2021 the inhabitants of Lenzburg (Switzerland) will elect a new municipal council. To vote more consciously, citizens can use smartvote, an online voting test. Through smartvote, residents can compare their opinions on various political topics with the opinions of the candidates.

More impact and relevance through civic participation

To achieve an effective voting test, the questions in smartvote should be relevant to Lenzburgers. Thanks to the preliminary project "smartvote BePart" ("smartvote Bpart"), the developer of smartvote, Politools, involved residents in the preparations.

All residents could submit proposals and help refine the questionnaire to co-create an impactful voting test for the city. The Bpart participation platform was the central, digital platform for this initiative.

Broad ideation and in-depth workshops

In the first phase, the inhabitants of Lenz submitted proposals for possible questions. This way of working revealed which topics were relevant or important, topics the residents were concerned about during the local elections.

After the input phase, 20 to 30 inhabitants worked with the local government on the final questionnaire: they were drawn by lot. These residents helped determine which suggestions were included in the questionnaire, and which descriptions or explanations were needed for each statement. This version of the questionnaire was then extensively tested.

The aim was to develop a balanced questionnaire which covers all relevant topics, thanks to the combination of offline and online participation.

More than 140 suggestions thanks to on and offline communication

All (just under) 10,000 inhabitants received a personal letter, sent by the city. The local media were mobilised as well. Finally, Politools supported the project with a small-scale digital campaign on social media.

Thanks to these efforts, more than 140 contributions were posted on the Bpart participation platform, and participants cast more than 280 votes: a great result for this small town's first online campaign!

A more conscious vote

When the smartvote voting test questionnaire is definitive, all political candidates wil answer the statements. Their answers will create their political profile on smartvote.

After the public launch, all inhabitants of Lenzburg can also participate: they can compare their answers and visions with those of all the candidates. This way, they are able to vote in an informed and deliberate manner in the local elections.

About the partners

Smartvote is an online voting test. Using a questionnaire with various political topics and statements, voters can compare their opinions with those of the political candidates. Politools has developed this application.

Bpart develops online applications for citizen participation. The Bpart participation platform helps organisations and local governments to inform and involve citizens in their policies online.