Mortsel Bestuift: names for the public seating area

Mortsel Bestuift (“Mortsel Pollinates”): with the help of an online participation platform, the municipality of Mortsel has been informing and involving its residents since 2018. One of the projects in which Mortsel included its citizens was the project 'Outdoor seating place'. This project redesigned the heart of the city: two new streets were created in the city centre. The city council chose to let residents pick the names of these two streets.


All residents could submit a proposal online and off during a three week period. They also had to outline a clear link between the street names and the city's history. With no fewer than 42 unique proposals, 5 pairs of street names were selected. The city council based its choice on the motivation of the proposals, the link with the city, creativity, and so on.

In the next phase, this shortlist was then submitted to the public for a binding, online vote. In two weeks 150 votes were cast! 


Through the online voting system a winning duo emerged clearly. More than 150 votes were cast, half of which went to the winning names. The choice fell on two strong women (!) who left their mark on the history of Mortsel. This way, the city and its citizens made sure that Alice Nahon and Alice Vigoureux were immortalised in the streets of Mortsel!