"A tool is only as good as its user", said a whise man once. With Bpart, we provide you with the tools you need for community and citizen engagement. If Bpart is not the right tool for the job, we even encourage you to integrate with others.

Specific use cases request specific knowledge

Our Bpart platform consists of different modules and that can serve different purposes. Therefor, we partnered with different agencies to help you even better:

  1. Tree company (online citizen engagement)
  2. Indiville (research)
  3. Bpact (citizen panels)
  4. Levuur (citizen engagement and organisational change)
  5. De Wakkere Burger (for developing Je Gemeente Telt)

Government in Belgium? Get started faster via a blanket order

We are happy to be part of different blanket orders in Belgium. This means you can work with us, without the need of a public tender:

Questions or interested in becoming a partner?